kidsView Occupational Therapy is...

...a space for kids and caregivers to access the occupational therapy help they need to get through each day with less struggle and more connection. Whether the struggle is developing a relationship or getting through daily routines.


kidsViewOT is here to make caregivers' lives easier by fostering a rewarding relationship between a child and their loved ones. The goal is to help children live a more connected life, socially and emotionally.

kidsViewOT offers occupational therapy evaluations and treatments for children ages 0 to 15. Your child's evaluation can be provided as a first time assessment or can be used as a supplement to a current OT plan.  

Does your child avoid climbing and running? Is your morning routine a struggle everyday? Do you notice your child fighting with impulse control? Do you have concerns about your child's vision? Are you worried about your child's fine motor skills and/or handwriting? Does your child have too much or too little energy to complete activities? Has your child been diagnosed with a sensory processing dysfunction or ADHD? Is your child floppy and weak? Would you describe your child as clumsy? Would you like a more rewarding and positive relationship with your child? If yes to any of these...

Contact me with questions, concerns, or to schedule a session at

Theresa Allender, OTR/L


For another great resource - be sure to check out Miss JaimeOT for helpful sensory processing tips & tools!