Skill Builders Social Club

Come join us for social skill building in nature!

Social skills do not always come as naturally to some as they do others. Socialization looks different across cultures, communities, and even families. To make it even more difficult, the social requirements change throughout the day depending on who you encounter, the context of the interaction, and even the time of day.

Social skills are a learned skill and when babies first enter this world, we begin to teach them appropriate social skills. Social interactions require a teacher, the opportunity for the students to practice, and reinforcements to ingrain the learned information for carryover into the world. Skills Builder Social Club provides children a safe place to learn how to make and keep friends. 

Our Skill Builders Social Club is for kids who need smaller, more intimate groups with a strong occupational therapy focus. These groups are for ages 4-12 and are designed for those struggling with sensory processing and those with Autism.

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Hope to see you outside!

Free meet and greet, $960 for 12 two hour sessions over 6 weeks or $535 for 6 two hour sessions over 6 weeks

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

  • Eval includes a 90 minute assessment with therapist, child & caregiver followed by a full write up of findings and recommendations.

  • Ages 0-15


Individual Treatment Session

  • Treatment session according to child's needs

$135 for 1.5 hours

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